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Lomonosov Moscow State University and Lobachevsky Nizhny Novgorod State University supported by Supercomputer Consortium of Universities of Russia announce a series of youth schools in supercomputing technologies. Under this initiative, in 2010, the school will be devoted to subjects "Parallel Programming" and will be conducted in two phases (two sessions).

* The first phase of school (summer session) - Supercomputer simulation and visualization in scientific research - will be held from 4 to 14 July 2010 at Moscow State University at the Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics and Research and Computing Center of MSU.
* The second phase of school (autumn session) - Supercomputer technology and high performance computing in education, science and industry - will be c 25 to October 31, 2010 in Nizhny Novgorod State University.

To participate in the school are invited senior students, undergraduates, postgraduates and young scientists.

Junior School aims to in-depth study of supercomputer technology, high-performance computing, how to conduct large-scale computational experiment, their practical application to solving actual problems of science and technology. In the program the school assumed the intensive training session with an expanded laboratory exercises, review talks by leading scientists and experts, the practical work of various levels of complexity. The educational program, schools will be attended by companies - leaders of the computer industry: Intel, IBM, NVIDIA. Participants of the schools will have the unique opportunity to perform laboratory work, educational research projects at the largest Russian supercomputers.

Curricula of schools built, taking into account different levels of training of students and consists of two main modules:

* Module Basic supercomputing technologies - is aimed at students with entry-level knowledge.
* Module Specialist in supercomputer technologies - implies the existence of experience in the development of parallel programs, basic knowledge of parallel programming, technology, MPI, OpenMP.

Participants of the school, trained at the first stage in the module Basic supercomputing technologies, will have opportunity to continue training in the autumn session of the school in Nizhny Novgorod State University in the module Specialist in supercomputer technologies.

An innovative two-stage form of the school includes a number of students projects that will allow students to apply their school knowledge, to acquire additional in-depth training on the subject of projects, to obtain results that are educational and scientific value.

After leaving school, participants will receive a certificate. Participants of the School will be provided a free of charge accommodation at the university dormitory.

Subjects summer school session, Supercomputer simulation and visualization in scientific research:

* Architecture and software for the supercomputer systems: state, problems and prospects.
* Models and programming techniques of modern HPC systems, parallel computing, cloud computing.
* Visualization of results of large-scale computational experiment, technology, data analysis and visualization.
* Methods of designing and implementing large-scale computational experiment in specific application areas, development practices applied parallel programs.

Subject autumn session of the school, Supercomputer technology and high performance computing in education, science and industry:

* Parallel methods and software systems to solve complex computational-intensive tasks
* Programming environments, and tools for parallel program development
* Distributed computing and GRID-technology
* Scientific visualization and computer graphics for high performance computing
* Problems of training specialists in the field of parallel computing

Schools students will be granted access to the supercomputer SKIF MSU Chebyshev and Blue Gene / P.

To participate in the school must provide a letter of recommendation signed by the supervisor and fill out a questionnaire on the school website. Recommendation letter shall be certified by the leadership of the department or organization. Scanned copy of a letter of recommendation must be loaded when registering on the site.

The deadline for registration to attend school - May 20, 2010. Attention! The deadline for registration extended until May 25.
On admission to the school to be announced - June 1, 2010. Attention! Enrollment deadline extended to 4 th June.

Questions regarding the Summer School Sessions can be sent to:

Questions about the conduct of the Autumn School Sessions can be sent to:

Youth School is part of the Federal Target Program "Research and scientific-pedagogical cadres Innovative Russia".